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Math Tubs

Math Tubs are simply plastic tubs containing games and hands on manipulatives for students to use that focus on a particular math concept. The tubs can be used as a directed center, one on one skill practice, or  for additional reinforcement during free choice time once introduced.  While working with the materials in each tub, students are practicing and developing one to one correspondence, numeral recognition, sorting skills, patterning skills, set recognition, etc.

The math area also contains manipulatives such as size bears, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, plastic chain links, tiles, colored cubes, plastic animals, tangrams, etc. These are for students to use in conjunction with some of the math tub activities, but also for whole class lessons and free exploration.


Some of Our Math Tubs:

Bear with Numerals Image


Sort and Classify


Roll and Count

Pattern Block Animals

Numeral Recognition

Numeral Writing

Counting Bags

Numbers and Counting







Math Tubs on the Shelf Up Close

A couple of the math tubs (close up) and a few tubs containing math manipulatives in the classroom.

Math Tubs Storage in the Classroom

Literacy and Math Tubs for use at home....

Internet Resources:

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Suggested Resource Books:

  • Hands on Math K-1 by Virginia Johnson, Creative Teaching Press, 1994  (ISBN CTP 2600)
  • Instant Math Centers: Hands on Independent Math Activities Grades  K-1 Edited by Ruth Simon, Creative Teaching Press, 2000 (ISBN CTP 2597)
  • Count on Math: Activities for Small Hands and Lively Minds by Pam Schiller and Lynne Peterson, Gryphon House Publishers, 1999 (ISBN 0876591888)
  • More Than Counting: Whole Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten by Sally Moomaw, Redleaf Press, 1995 (ISBN: 1884834035)
  • Much More Than Counting: More Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten by Sally Moomaw, Redleaf Press, 1999 (ISBN 1884834663)
  • Developing Number Concepts: Counting, Comparing, and Pattern by Kathy Richardson, Pearson Learning, 1998 (ISBN 0769000584)
  • Math in Motion: Wiggle, Gallop, and Leap with Numbers (PreK-1) by  Betsy Franco and Denise Dauler, Creative Teaching Press, 2002 (ISBN CTP 2286)
  • Math Discoveries with Pattern Blocks by Shirley Hoogeboom, Ideal School Supply Company, 1994  (ISBN 1564510883)
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  • Pictograms: Graphing Pictures for a Reusable Classroom Grid (Blackline Masters) by Laura Duncan Choate and JoAnn King Okey, Dale Seymour Publications, 1989   (ISBN 0866514872)


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