Description and Goals:


  • Create sets to correspond to a given numeral

Students can each have their own board.  One student turns over a numeral card and they each count out the corresponding amount of counters onto their individual boards.


Students can each have their own board and take turns drawing a numeral card.  Each child counts out the appropriate number of counters to correspond with their numeral.


One child can use all four counting boards, draw or choose four different numerals, and form a set on each board. Once complete, the student can place the boards in order from least to greatest according to the amount of counters used.


Counting bags can be used with the whole class with either each child having a counting board or partners sharing a board.  The teacher says a numeral aloud. Students find the same numeral in their counting bag and then form the corresponding set.

Ideas forCounters to be used with the Counting Bags:

buttons, coins, rocks, beans, toothpicks, popcorn kernels, yarn, pipe cleaners, pompoms, sequins, erasers, small blocks, crayons, shells, bread tags, etc.

The clip art and idea for our Counting Bags are taken from the Kindergarten Teacher's Edition of Math Trailblazers.


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