Why Is Reading With Your Child Important?

Reading aloud...

  • stimulates your child's imagination
  • provides your child with a positive role model
  • creates a bond between you and your child
  • helps your child to understand stories and 'book language'
  • builds vocabulary
  • improves your child's listening skills
  • develops your child's interest in reading and in books

Set aside a time to read aloud to your child each evening!

    Helpful Hints

    • Read a favorite story more than once.
      If your child asks for a story to be read again--Read it again!  The repetition assists your child in gaining word recognition, story sequence, vocabulary, story book language, etc.   Most importantly, your child is enjoying the story!
    • Focus on enjoyment.
      Choose stories that both of you will enjoy. Think about what your child's favorite things are or what they like to do. 
    • Read from a variety of genres.
      Read traditional tales and rhymes such as The Little Red Hen and 'Old Mother Hubbard' as well as stories that play with language such as Dr. Seuss' ABC's. Also, don't forget about stories that you can sing such as The Five Little Ducks by Raffi. Books with lots of repetition, predictability, and rhyme are perfect for young readers!

    Stories on the Web
    There are many stories for children on the internet! These are a few sites that your family may enjoy. However, snuggling up with a good book and letting your child turn the pages, etc. still can't be beat!