The Thank Him Tree (Names of God Leaf Printables)
The Thank Him Tree

Thankful Tree

Gather a few sticks, some rocks, and a vase.  Print tags.  Hole punch and attach string.  Set out for kids and family to write about and then hang to display what they are thankful for.  A simple way to focus our hearts on being thankful during this season!  

Thankful Tree Tags (from Hubbard's Cupboard)
I am Thankful Tags (from Jones Design Company)


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Thanksgiving Activity Countdown
Thanksgiving Activity Cards - no numerals,  pick and choose which activities to incorporate,(activities and wording based off of the ideas at 24/7Moms)
Thanksgiving Countdown Cards- numerals only, write in your own activities

Scripture Memorization
Psalm 103 - a memorization and meditation booklet!

Thanksgiving Printable Booklet
The Pilgrim Story

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for Grades K/1
The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving

    Place Cards and Scripture Circles