What are Number Journals?

Number Journals are recording sheets for each numeral that correspond with hands on activities for concepts such as 1-1 correspondence, numeral recognition, sets, numeral writing, and number sequence.

This is NOT a new idea!  The Number Journals are based on the Math Their Way Number Stations as described in the Math Their Way Summary Newsletter (Page 10.15-10.21) as well as in a lesson plan submitted by Marjorie Dodrill  and shared at the California Mathematics Council.

We have Number Journals for the numbers one through ten. We also have small review packets for multiple numbers. After each review packet, students get to play number and counting games in our Math Tubs(These involve all numbers 0-10.  The activities include counting bags, file folder games, roll and count games, etc.)


Look to see what we can do for each number!

Number Journal Covers 
I would suggest copying each Number Journal cover onto a different color of paper.

Number Writing Poems
D'Nealian numeral writing poems. (I used white out on one of the lines of each Numeral Writing Sheet, below, and glued the poem on the page. The poems are simple and assist students in writing the numerals using correct formation!)

Numeral/Number Word Writing (from Learning Page.com)
Students trace and practice writing numerals correctly.  They are also asked to trace the number word.  The traceable numeral writing sheets are from Learning Page    (Samples are found at the bottom of the linked page.  More numeral sheets are available if you become a member there.  Membership is currently free.)

Pattern Block Recording Sheets
Students use one or two different colors of pattern blocks to create number combinations for each of the numbers. Students then glue pre-cut paper pattern block pieces to their recording sheet that match their hands-on creations.

Tile Recording Sheets
Students build various designs using a predetermined number of tiles (either choosing a single color or both blue and white). Students then choose one of their tile creations to copy by gluing pre-cut blue and white squares onto their tile recording sheet.

Toothpick Recording Sheets
After arranging and making designs using a certain number of toothpicks, students choose their favorite design and glue the toothpicks onto their recording sheet.  Next, students use kid writing to tell about their toothpick creation.

Unifix Cube Recording Sheets
Students use one or two colors of Unifix cubes to make many different number combinations for each number. For each number combination, students color a snapped set of Unifix cubes on their recording sheet to look just like the real cube sets.

Geoboard Recording Sheets
Students use Geoboards and Geobands to make shapes with a certain number of sides.   They then use a pencil to make lines connecting dots in order to recreate their Geoboard shape onto Geoboard paper.

Bean Recording Sheets 
(These are copied and used, as is, from the Math Their Way Blacklines #33-39.  I cannot post them due to copyright infringement. However, the Math Their Way book can be purchased through the Center for Innovation in Education.)
Students make number combinations for a predetermined number by shaking and rolling two -sided plastic beans.  They then count how many are red and. how many are white. Next, students color the red beans on their recording paper.

Assessment/Tracking Recording Sheet
This is a recording sheet for teachers to use after students complete each Number Journal. Students are assessed on 1 to 1 correspondence, instant recognition, concept level adding and subtracting, and numeral recognition. 
Descriptions of each numeral assessment can be found in the Math Their Way Summary Newsletter:  Chapter 3 Assessment, pages 3.7-3.12.