Here they come!  Are you ready?  At the start of every school year, one of a teacher's biggest dilemmas is how to arrange the lessons and activities in the amount of time given each day - Scheduling!  Kindergarten seems harder than most grades actually since there are so many variables. Do you have two half day sessions, a full day class, or are you an extended day kindergarten?  Do you have required special area classes that you must work around?  What does your district mandate for certain time allocations for math, language arts, etc.?  Don't forget how much time it takes, especially at the start of the year, to do simple things like taking restroom breaks and training proper hand washing techniques! Also, come winter time, if you live in a cold area, you must allow extra time for buttoning, snapping, and zipping!  Striking a balance between academics and play is another issue to consider for this age level.  For 'wiggly bodies', you must also remember to alternate between periods of sitting for whole class instruction, hands on small group work, and quiet independent work.  Don't forget about those important transitions! As often as possible, try to incorporate songs and movement for easier transitions between activities. 

Below are some schedules that I used in the past with my Kindergarten and Extended Day Kindergarten students.