Kindergarten children learn through play!  That is why it is so important to schedule time each day so students can participate in 'developmental' or 'free choice' centers.

Skills Learned Through Play!

Below are just a few of the skills that children are developing as they work in daily free choice centers.


  • spatial relationships
  • cooperation
  • balance
  • cause and effect
  • shape and size discrimination
  • physical coordination

Art Tubs, Art Table, Easels

  • fine motor skills
  • creative expression
  • colors, shapes, and size relationships
  • exploring materials
  • visual perception


  • hand/eye coordination
  • patterning
  • sorting
  • letter and numeral recognition
  • concepts of print (left to right, tracking print, etc)
  • following directions

Book Baskets/Listening Center

  • reading for enjoyment
  • letter recognition
  • concepts of print (left to right, tracking print, etc)
  • following directions
  • comprehension
  • vocabulary development


  • hand/eye coordination
  • problem solving
  • one to one correspondence
  • counting
  • patterning
  • sorting


  • oral communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • vocabulary development
  • understand experiences through role playing

Puzzles and Games

hand/eye coordination
visual perception
problem solving
social skills


comprehension/retelling of stories
vocabulary development
problem solving
cooperation and social skills


fine motor skills
develop creativity and expression
communicate ideas
letter recognition
letter/sound correspondence

Sand Table

exploration and discovery
cause and effect
problem solving
properties of matter


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 Free Choice Board

Our 'Free Choice' board was always posted for students to refer to.  It was designed with clear visuals to show where students may participate.

Related Resources

Printable Skills Signs - signs to place in each center to show which skills students are working on, free from ABCteach

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