Description and Goals:

Students practice forming numerals using a variety of materials.

More Ideas to Add to the Numeral Writing Tub:

  • Form numerals with playdough, wikki stix, etc.
  • Form numerals on geoboards using rubberbands
  • Make numerals in a container of sand
  • Write numerals on small chalk or dry erase boards
  • Make crayon rubbings over sandpaper numerals
  • Place shape erasers on pre-made outlines of each numeral

The 0-5 Green Beans sheet is from the Box-It Bag-It Math book Reading, Writing, and Understanding Numerals 0-10 by D. Burk, A. Snyider, and P. Symonds, The Math Learning Center, 1988. 

The traceable numeral writing sheets are from
Learning Page    (Samples are found at the bottom of the linked page. More numeral sheets are available if you become a member there.  Membership is currently free.)


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