Description and Goals:


  • Label sets with correct numerals
  • Match numerals, number words, and sets
  • Identify numerals that come before, in between, or after a given numeral
  • Arrange sets and numerals in numerical order from least to greatest

More Ideas to Add to the Numbers and Counting Tub:

  • Count out the correct number of clothespins to clip to each numeral card
  • Make a number book for each numeral - showing different ways to make that number set - use stickers, stamps, drawings, etc.
  • Use shape notepads to create puzzles and matching games (exp. numeral 5 on half of a mitten and 5 dots on the other half of the mitten)
  • Count the number of objects in a set of bags and order them from least to greatest 

All file folder games, above, are from File Folder Games For Reading and Math: Kindergarten Book 1 by Karen Finch, Carson Dellossa Publishing, 1990 (CD 2002)

The Spin, Count, and Make a Book sheets are from the Box-It Bag-It Math book Reading, Writing, and Understanding Numerals 0-10 by D. Burk, A. Snyider, and P. Symonds, The Math Learning Center, 1988.

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