Description and Goals:


  • Identify premade patterns
  • Match patterns
  • Copy premade patterns
  • Extend premade patterns
  • Create patterns

Ideas to Add to the Patterns Tub:

  • Make patterns with manipulatives such as tiles, pattern blocks, links, string beads, etc.
  • Make patterns with common objects such as colored lids, plastic animals, crayons, blocks, Fruit Loops, etc.
  • Create a pattern necklace 
  • Stamp a pattern
  • Glue a pattern using pre-cut shapes, pictures, wallpaper samples ,etc.
  • Draw patterns found in the classroom (on a shirt, rug, etc.)

Thanks to the teachers at PKC for sharing the apple patterning idea! More patterns could easily be made using different cut outs from the Ellison press as well.  Also, the Just Duckie game is from File Folder Games For Reading and Math: Kindergarten Book 1 by Karen Finch, Carson Dellossa Publishing, 1990 (CD 2002).

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