Description and Goals:


  • Sort shapes
  • Match shapes by comparing attributes of the shape (roundness, number of sides, number of corners)
  • Identify and describe the attributes of each shape
  • Trace the five basic shapes
  • Cut the outlines of the five basic shapes
  • Form shapes using a variety of means (in sand, with playdough, with yarn, with rubber bands, etc.)
  • Find shapes in everyday objects

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    File Folder Games

Shapes All Around
Shapes All Around

Search for  Shapes
Search For Shapes

Shape Sorters
Shape Sorters

Super Shapes
Super Shapes

All file folder games, above, are from
File Folder Games For Reading and Math: Kindergarten Book 1
by Karen Finch, Carson Dellossa Publishing, 1990 (CD 2002)


    Box It Bag It Games

Shape Spinners and Scissors
Shape Spinners and Scissors

Student tracing a shape template

Shape Spin and Trace
Shape Spin and Trace

Both shape games, above, are from the Box-It Bag-It Math book
Shapes by Donna Burk, The Math Learning Center, 1988.


    Teacher Made Materials

    Foam Shapes
    Foam Shapes


    Shape Sort
    Shape Sort

    Shapes To Sort PDF


    Purchased Items

Shape Flash Cards
Shape Flash Cards


More Ideas to Add to the Shapes Tub:

Create shape rubbings
Form shapes from playdough
Given a variety of shapes, students create shape pictures
Form shapes on geoboards with the rubberbands
Play shape memory
Find shapes in the following children's books

    Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban
    So Many Circles, So Many Squares by Tana Hoban
    The Shape of Things by Dale Ann Dodds
    Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert
    Brown Rabbits Shape Book by Alan Baker
    Circus Shapes by Stuart Murphy
    Shape Spotters by Megan Bryant
    Sea Shapes by Suse Mac Donald
    I See Shapes by Marcia Fries

Shape Poems - from CanTeach

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