Numbers and Counting

Description and Goals:


  • Label sets with correct numerals
  • Match numerals, number words, and sets
  • Identify numerals that come before, in between, or after a given numeral
  • Arrange sets and numerals in numerical order from least to greatest

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    File Folder Games

Apple A Day
An Apple a Day


Going Buggy
Going Buggy

Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty

Ice Cream Supreme
Ice Cream Supreme

Paint By Number

All file folder games, above, are from
File Folder Games For Reading and Math: Kindergarten Book 1
by Karen Finch, Carson Dellossa Publishing, 1990 (CD 2002)


    Box It Bag It Games

Spin Count and Make a Book
Spin, Count, and Make a Book

The Spin, Count, and Make a Book sheets are  from the Box-It Bag-It Math book
Reading, Writing, and Understanding Numerals 0-10
by D. Burk, A. Snyider, and P. Symonds, The Math Learning Center, 1988.


    Teacher Made Materials

Flower Count

Number Match
Number Match

    Purchased Items

Arthur's Number Match
Arthur's Number Match

Number Match Me
Number Match Me


More Ideas to Add to the Numbers and Counting Tub:

Count out the correct number of clothespins to clip to each numeral card
Make a number book for each numeral - showing different ways to make that number set - use stickers, stamps, drawings, etc.
Use shape notepads to create puzzles and matching games (exp. numeral 5 on half of a mitten and 5 dots on the other half of the mitten)
Count the number of objects in a set of bags and order them from least to greatest

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