Approximately once each week in our morning kindergarten session, students cook and/or taste something that begins with the letter of the week. Most of the following recipes have been accumulated, tried, tested, and yes -even tasted by teachers at the Plainfield Kindergarten Center, who have been successfully cooking with kindergarten students for years.

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Recipes Aa-Cc

Ants on a Log
Marshmallow Ant
Individual Apple Pies
Banana Boats
Bear's Berry Blizzards
Candy Cane Cookies
Chicka Chicka Coconut Snack
Christmas Trees

Recipes Dd - Hh

Dad's Day Donuts
Easter Story Cookies
Elephant Ears
Fall Tree
Feelings Faces
Firefighter Ladder
Graham Cracker Flags
Esau's Fuzzy Fruit Arms
Green Eggs and Ham
Honey Hermits

Recipes Ii - Ll

Ice Cream for One
Count Kebobs
Lion Chow


Recipes Mm - Pp

Edible Manger
Melt in Your Mouth Muffins
Munchy Mouse
Bread Nativity
Nest Cookies
Bird Nests
Painted Toast
Peanut Butter


Recipes Qq - Ss

Queen of Heart Tarts
Raven Cookies
Edible Reindeer
Resurrection Rolls
Snowman on a Stick
Spider Snacks
Super Summer Sunflower Snacks


Recipes Tt - Zz

Toothy Apple Smiles
Unbelievable Upside Down Cake
Valentine Vegetable Pizza
Yeast Bread
Yummy Snowballs
Zebra Brownies
Zoo Animal Cages


Why Cook In the Classroom?

    When cooking and following a rebus recipe, students practice...

    • following directions
    • measuring
    • counting
    • fine motor skills

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Alphabet Cooking Cards by Cheryl Olmsted (Fearon Teacher Aids, 1990) ISBN  0-8224-0454-0
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Teaching Snacks by Gayle Bittinger (Warren Publishing House, 1994)  ISBN 0-911019-82-0
Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook for Preschoolers & Up by Mollie Katzen (Tricycle Press, 1994) ISBN: 1883672066



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