Kindergarten Rhyme Time

Our second Family Math and Literacy Night took place in the spring of 2001.  Families of students in our Extended Day classes participated in hands on activities centered around nursery rhymes that we had been learning in class.

See what activities and skills students participated in with their families!


Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Stations

Egg Shell Rhymes

Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Nimble Stations

Cracker Jack Estimation
Jack Be Quick!


Old Mother Hubbard Stations

'The Poor Dog' Puppet
Help Mother Hubbard


Peas, Porridge Hot Stations

How Many Peas in My Soup?
Peas, Bowls, Spoons

Spider on Web
Spider Stations

Create a Snack
Bug Jar Math
Spider Count

Black Sheep

Sheep Stations

ABC Sheep

Star Stations

Star Search
Pattern Block Stars
Follow the Stars from Aa-Zz

Various Rhyme Stations

Say a Rhyme/Graph a Rhyme
Mix it/Fix It
Family Photo


Nursery Rhyme Artwork

Nursery Rhyme Words


 A Few Printables for Kindergarten Rhyme Time Family Night

Links to More
Nursery Rhyme Ideas
and Resources

Nursery Rhyme Olympics

Just as the previous year, each family in attendance received a folder containing directions for each activity set up during the evening of the Family Night, ideas for extensions at home, coordinating math/literacy skills and concepts taught within each activity,  a nursery rhyme book, and a feedback form.

Rhyme Time Parent Pack Photo



Printables for 'Kindergarten Rhyme Time' Family Night
(Designed by Hubbard's Cupboard)

These are slightly different than what is pictured above.  The content is the same, but I created my own drawings so that I could share them with you! You will notice that I'm not an artist, but hopefully these will be of help as you plan your own 'Kindergarten Rhyme Time' Family Night!


Parent Pack
Sign In Sheet
Baa Baa Black Sheep Bags
Mother Hubbard Envronmental Print Pictures
Mother Hubbard Writing Sheets
How Many Peas Recording Sheets
Stars for Sorting
(You will want to print the stars on various colors of paper.)
Feedback Form

Rhyme Time 'How To' Sheet - step by step directions for how to make each station!


Links to More Nursery Rhyme Ideas


Our Nursery Rhyme Olympics!
Ideas for Various Rhymes- from the Primary Teacher's Nook
Nursery Rhyme Coloring pages
Mother Goose Express- ideas from Alphabet Soup
Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes -from Enchanted Learning
Mother Goose - a wonderful resource from Carl's Corner
for each rhyme -word families, printables, etc.!
Rhyme a Week -lessons and printables for common nursery rhymes
Word Families in Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhyme Time- preschool
Nursery Rhyme Scavenger Hunt
Nursery Rhyme Ideas - great ideas for rhymes from Virtual Vine!
Nursery Rhymes - ideas from Mrs. Stewart's Kindergarten
Land of Nursery Rhymes - from Calico Cookie


Nursery Rhyme/Word Family Resources

  • Teaching Language Arts through Nursery Rhymes by Amy DeCastro and Jennifer Kern. (Teacher Created Materials, 2001). ISBN 0-7439-3010-X
  • Teaching Math and Science through Nursery Rhymes by Amy DeCastro and Jennifer Kern. (Teacher Created Materials, 2000). ISBN 1-57690-654-X
  • Mother Goose Phonics by Deborah Schecter. (Scholastic, 1999). ISBN 0-439-12927-3
  • 25 Mother Goose Peek-A-Boo Books by Helen Moore. (Scholastic, 1993). ISBN 0-590-49729-4
  • The Best of the Mailbox: Nursery Rhymes for Preschool/Kindergarten (The Education Center, 2000). ISBN 1-56234-340-8
  • Easy Lessons for Teaching Word Families by Judy Lynch. (Scholastic, 1998).  ISBN 0-590-68570-8
  • Fun Phonics Manipulatives by Michelle Hancock, Sheryl Pate, and Jennie VanHaelst. (Scholastic, 1997). ISBN 0-590-31469-6
  • Word Families: 20 Interactive Mini-Books that Help Every Child Get a Great Start in Reading by Mary Beth Spann. (Scholastic, 1999). ISBN 0-439-10439-4
  • Introducing Word Families Through Literature by Jennifer Coldwell. (Carson-Dellosa, 1994). CD-0046
  • 25 Read and Write Mini-Books that Teach Word Families by Nancy Sanders. (Scholastic, 2001). ISBN 0-439-15587-8
  • Pictograms: Graphing Pictures for a Reusable Classroom Grid by Laura Duncan Choate and JoAnn King Okey. (Dale Seymour Publications, 1989). ISBN 0-86651-487-2    (No, I know that this is not a nursery rhyme book, but a book with many pictures to use with graphs! This is where I was able to find a few good nursery rhyme character pictures!)
  • Hickory Dickory Math by Cecilia Dinio-Durkin (Scholastic, 1999) ISBN 0590065416
  • Rhymin' to the Beat: Volume 1 and 2 by Jack Hartman (Hop 2 It Music)


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