Joyful Learning

2's Curriculum
Joyful Heart Learning

(a theme based, basic Bible concept
curriculum for 2-3 year olds)


  • To instill a respect, love, and excitement for God and His Word.
  • To sow seeds of Bible truths in our littlest ones hearts.
  • To build connections between everyday life and what the Bible says.
  • To expound upon their sense of awe and wonder about their world.
  • To experience different art mediums with the process as the goal, not an end product.
  • To emphasize a love for learning through enjoyable,
    developmentally appropriate experiences.


Overview of the Lessons

The following links will take you to pages that show and describe some of the activities that can be done for each month.  You will notice that there are much more details with the December - July pages. We began Bible Memory in August, but it wasn't until December when I actually began using the themed plans with my oldest daughter.  I hope you find these useful as you plan for your own little ones =)



Bible Concept


  1. Oceans/Beaches
  2. Camping

God created all things.


  1. Family
  2. Home

God made me part of a family.


  1. Fall

The Bible is God's
special book for me.


  1. Five Senses
  2. Thanksgiving

I should be thankful to God.


  1. Christmas

Jesus is God's Son.


  1. Snow/Winter
  2. Groceries

I can talk to God
 through prayer.


  1. Valentines Day Tea
  2. Doctor

Since God loves us, I should show love to others.


  1. Baking: Breads/Cake/Muffins/Pizza
  2. Birds

God provides for my needs.


  1. Easter and Eggs

Jesus loves me and died
for my sins.


  1. Baby Animals
  2. Flowers and Gardens

God is loving and patient.


  1. Zoo Animals
  2. Bubbles

I am safe in God and
can trust in Him.


  1. Fourth of July
  2. Picnics and Baskets

God can use my words
 to help others.


Resource Books

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Other Resources for Teaching Two Year Olds


Ages and Stages of Two Year Olds

Preparatory Curriculum: From Brightly Beaming Resources





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