Family Night

One evening during the school year, families are invited to return to school with their kindergartner to experience a special evening of games, food, crafts, and fun --with a focus on the joy of math, literacy, and learning as a family!

By participating in our Family Night, it is my hope that ...

  • students will exhibit an increasing excitement in regards to the areas of math and literacy learning.
  • students will see evidence of their families' support for their learning and school environment.
  • families will experience the fun of learning alongside their child.
  • families will develop a greater awareness of ways to assist their child in acquiring math and literacy skills.
  • families will gain insight into the kindergarten level mathematics and literacy program.

Come visit our Family Night Activities!  Click on one of the themes below.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Book Cover
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Mother Goose
Kindergarten Rhyme Time

Dr. Seuss On the Loose
(Sorry, this theme is no longer available.)

Are you a parent, wanting to do more things together as a family?  Try planning a family night just for the members of your family one night each week!

Board Game Nights
Family Game Ideas
Family Game Night

Are you an educator, wanting to plan a family night for your class?  Check out the following resources...

Family Math by  Jean Kerr Stanmark, Virginia Thompson, Ruth Cossey (Creative Teaching Press, 1997) ISBN  0912511060

Hosting a Family Reading Night? - lots of great links to get you started!


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