Classroom Rules


I truly feel that parents are a child's first teacher and I need your support. Please read the following rules and discuss, role-play, etc. appropriate behaviors for school with your child.  If we work together, we can ensure the best learning environment for all children!


  1. We keep our hands, feet, and all objects to ourselves.
  2. We raise our hands and wait to be called upon when we want to talk.
  3. We walk at all times.
  4. We listen and follow directions the first time they are given.
  5. We clean up after ourselves and put things back where they belong.
  6. We take care of all school property.
  7. We work together cooperatively and share.
  8. If someone is doing something we do not like, we first ask him or her nicely to stop.  If they do not stop, we tell the teacher.
  9. We always use kind words- no 'name calling' or using 'put downs.'
Graphic of Suzy hugging a friend


Photo of our Kindeness Pledge

Our Kindness Pledge


Photo of our Friends Poem

Our Friends Poem

Photo of our Give Me Five Board

Our 'Give Me Five' Board


Photo of Our 3 Main Rules

Our 3 Main Rules




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Updated: 11/26/2001
by Mrs. Hubbard