Fall Family Trees

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Fall Family Trees
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Fall Tree Projects PhotoWith the arrival of fall comes some magnificent colors in nature!

Part 1 of  this month's home project invites your family to decorate the bare tree with colorful fall leaves.  Children learned how to make tissue paper leaves and construction paper mosaic leaves on their 'Tree Through the Seasons' a few weeks ago. They may want to try this again or try a different technique for adding the leaves (painting using different strokes, stamping, printing, coloring, adding real leaves, etc.) Don't forget, some leaves are falling and are already on the ground in autumn!

Part 2 of our October Home Project asks you and your child to talk about and draw what they like to do as a family. Students can draw under the branches of the fall tree what your family likes to do.

Part 3 is connected to part 2 and asks your child to orally complete the following sentence.  Please write what your child says in the blank.

______________'s family likes to

Again, have fun with your child as you work together on 'Fall Family Trees!

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